From A to Z for Facades

  • 01

    Communicating the Design Intent

    If there isn't a specific material in mind. We will first start by determining the design intent. We will inquire as to the general direction you intend to achieve, with the entirety of the façade in mind, so we share your vision of the final goal.
  • 02

    Early Samples

    At as early a stage as possible, we try to convey the image through the use of an actual sample. For that purpose, we will produce a sample at a small scale (300mm x 300mm). We try to deepen our mutual understanding, by repeatedly comparing and examining the design image and the actual sample.
  • 03

    Cost Estimates

    We calculate the approximate costs for materials, the quantity, the required manpower costs, and miscellaneous costs, and provide a quotation for the project on that basis. As projects which involve specialised facades tend to be large in scale, we assist you in obtaining consensus as soon as possible by providing cost estimates even under conditions where information is scarce.
  • 04

    Design Assistance

    Once the decision as to the specifications to realise the design has been made, we will assist with façade drawings. As we are also undertake façade production and installation, we enable the smooth delivery of the project at the point of implementation with minimal backtracking.
  • 05

    Performance Testing

    Besides the three basic conditions required of a façade, namely wind pressure resistance, seismic resistance, and watertightness, we consider long-term durability to be very important. For each project, the conditions for use are considered, and all necessary evaluative testing, such as for heat and impact performance, accelerated deterioration, and repeated load, are designed and implemented.
  • 06


    A mockup to scale is made, recreating the actual conditions as much as is possible, for the façade when the specifications are progressively finalised, to confirm the final design intent. This is one of the most important processes affecting the final outcome, as this is an opportunity to check the installation structure and workability.
  • 07

    Installation Drawings

    We draft the installation drawings, fulfilling the requirements as to strength, design, cost, performance, and producibility. This process is the platform on which we seamlessly work with various partners, and connect the design intent with the actual construction.
  • 08

    Procurement and Production Management

    It is not uncommon for there to be many different suppliers, and for products to manufactured across borders. We conduct detailed planning, beginning with evaluating possible production plants, choosing plants which fulfill our expectations, design the production method, considering means of transport, up to the point wherein the product is delivered in good order to the construction site.
  • 09

    Construction Planning and Management

    We take control of all aspects of management, from budget control for the cost of materials and manpower, schedule management overseeing time and progress, and construction management on the worksite. We lead the project to the finish always with safety first in mind.
  • 10

    After-Sales Service

    The true worth of a building project will only be known after it is completed. We provide advice on planned maintenance, such that the façade continues to fulfill its original purpose and function for years to come.



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