Sustainable Facades

Energy generation is incorporated into our façade designs. Our facades are intended to reduce the burden on the environment, not only during the production process, but also after the building completion.
  • Aluminum louvres + Solar panels

    Aluminum louvres + Solar panels

    Solar panels are installed to blend in with the width of the louvres. The combination of louvres and translucent solar panels satisfy the requirement for both natural light and privacy.
  • GRC + Solar panels

    GRC + Solar panels

    Standard-specification solar panels are installed on the GRC (glass-fibre reinforced concrete) canopy. To allow the design to blend into the building itself, GRC was chosen for its free-form properties.
  • Sash + Solar panels

    Sash + Solar panels

    A combination of sash frames and translucent solar panels. A simple configuration which nevertheless makes ample use of the translucent properties of the solar panels.

Double-Skin Façade

This is and environmentally-friendly exterior system, where a façade is built with two layers instead of one, allowing air to flow in between, thus reducing the burden on air-conditioning.
  • Glass


    The outer screen is composed of striped printed glass in MPG configuration, the inner screen is a steel glass curtain wall with pair glass.

Three-dimensional Facades

A three-dimensional façade can be created in one of two ways. It can either be actually three-dimensional in shape, or through lighting, an illusion of optical depth can be created.
  • GRC


    A deep relief 3D motif made possible by the highly designable and sculpable GRC.
  • Acrylic


    This is a composite façade by adding an acrylic screen behind the strengthened glass, and giving optic fibres an illuminating function.

Screen / Louvre Facades

This is and environmentally-friendly exterior system, where a façade is built with two layers instead of one, allowing air to flow in between, thus reducing the burden on air-conditioning.
  • Aluminum Louvre + Stainless Steel Mirror

    Aluminum Louvre + Stainless Steel Mirror

    A stainless steel mirror is attached on each louvre. While they reflects the surrounding environment during the day, by night, the louvres’ existence are diminished by the light from LEDs.
  • Glass + Steel Structure

    Glass + Steel Structure

    The steel structure is minimised to provide a sense of transparency.

Beam and Pillar Covers

Steel beams and pillars are hidden for aesthetic purposes. Slim, sleek expressions are made possible by GRC, slimness being one of its defining properties, and the variety of the surface finishes allow for the use of tiles and stone materials that fit in with the design of the building.
  • GRC with Inlaid Stone

    GRC with Inlaid Stone

    Fireproof covers installed around the exterior of the building. This has the quality of being safe and unintrusive at the same time, by reducing the thickness of the GRC.
  • GRC with Inlaid Ceramic

    GRC with Inlaid Ceramic

    GRC panel with inlaid extra large ceramic tiles. Emphasis in on the detailing, such that the sash frame is not visible.

Inlaid Façade

Making use of the fact that GRC (glass-fibre reinforced concrete) is supported not by a steel structure, but by glass fibres,.
  • GRC with Inlaid Glass

    GRC with Inlaid Glass

    Woven fibre pattern is emphasised with this rhombus-shaped glass-inlaid GRC panels.
  • GRC with Inlaid Glass

    GRC with Inlaid Glass

    GRC panels inlaid with glass cullets are combined in a double-skin configuration, and illuminated by installing LED on the insides.

Monumental Installations

We apply our expertise gained from façade engineering to the symbolic structures of cities. The existence of these monuments contribute to the image of the city or town and become landmarks.
  • Mathematical Models

    Mathematical Models

    A mathematical model expressing a cubic function in graphical form
  • New Truss Walls

    New Truss Walls

    Artist’s work. Taking into the consideration it will be installed in a semi-outdoor environment, the new truss wall method is combined with GRC mortar to give it durability and to prevent cracks in a seamless configuration.




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