Large-Scale Lightning Mode of CFRP Structure

Raffles Singapore "BBR by Alain Ducasse"

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Large installation lighting for a Mediterranean bistro restaurant to be the first open kitchen by French chef Alain Ducasse at Raffles Singapore, a prestigious hotel in Singapore. In order to realize the designer’s concept of an approximately 20 m-long lighting installation that floats at the center of the restaurant without hanging from the ceiling, we proposed the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) for the main structure. In collaboration with Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd., we considered structures made of carbon material to achieve the challenging requirements. The central point is the exquisite three-dimensional twisting line that gradually changes in size and angle. Furthermore, around 15,000m of wire was manually strung over the entire outer circumference using metallic blue material to create a mystical ambience when light is shone on it. Inside, a copper-colored aluminum panel with a continuous print of the old map of Europe centering on the Mediterranean Sea was adopted. After assembling once in Japan, a shipping plan was made to bring it to the site, then it was divided for shipping and reassembled onsite. The use of BIM for this project helped in the design of the threedimensional complex structure. The project, which took two years to finish starting from the proposal, became the centerpiece of the hotel’s large-scale renovation and won the Best of Year 2019 in the Hotel Dining Category at the awards sponsored by Interior Design, the US interior design magazine.
To achieve a structure that does not require suspension from the ceiling nor support from the floor, a sandwich structure mainly made of CFRP was adopted throughout. CFRP is a high-strength yet light material that is widely used in sports, such as in golf club shafts and fishing rods, as well as for industrial applications such as aircrafts and automobiles.
The challenging shape, where no two sections have the same height, consists of gradually changing dimensions and angles of the top plate and the vertical line. A major contributing factor to its realization was the BIM system, which allows immediate visualization of the threedimensional development. Aside from the shape, BIM was used to visualize the curved surface together with the structure’s original functions, such as the lighting position and maintenance mechanism, while also utilizing it for efficiently designing the 3D shape and for manufacturing members using the 3D data. This was a good model case for showcasing the use of the BIM concept and system to realize a highly difficult project.



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